New year

How do you feel about the new year …..

I have decided not to make any resolutions or plans this year .

However I have great hopes for the coming year . I have now started my medication which should kick in soon and some very exciting times to come I’m sure .

There will be changes to my life but I’m going to attack them we positivity and strength.

Bring it on ,..,, 2019 ⭐️

5 thoughts on “New year

  1. Hi Nicky. Lisa’s dad here x Had psoriatic arthritis for about 15 years. Started initially on anti inflammatory tablets/medication for the last 7-8 years been on no medication for arthritis. It can get better. Get in touch if you want a chat.


    1. Hi Martyn , thanks I will be in touch I hadn’t heard of this before so have been trying to research as much as possible . I’m currently on solprodol naproxen and just started methotrexate which is not very nice. Plus folic acid . Had a diagnosis in November after about 6 months of flare ups . So still early days . Xx


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